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A Second Life for Our Cabin

We know that our cabane will also have a second life at Santropol Roulant, where it will be used for their urban agriculture tools.

La Cabane began a few years ago as a project to help people in need to find useful objects, as well as people who wish to donate items they no longer use, by creating a space that encourages a dynamic of recycling, reusing and sharing objects so that they can have a second life.

The situation of the Cabin changed when we realized we needed a permit from the city. As the Cabin was within the legal limit for such constructions, we had never applied for one. Unfortunately, we discovered that our Cabin was illegal, not because of its size, but because it was in what the city considered our “front yard.” We had no choice but to comply with the law and say farewell to a valuable service to the community. We've learned a lot from this project, and we're very grateful for it.

"Thank you for this, it was a great experience. We are very happy that our Cabin has a second life, and I hope it will be a source of inspiration for others."

Santropol is an organization close to our hearts that uses food as a means of breaking social and economic isolation between generations, by being a place to learn, grow and create meaningful connections with other members of the community.

At the Maison de l'amitié, we sincerely believe in developing a spirit of mutual aid and community involvement, and we're very excited about the new role the Cabane will play in building a vibrant community.

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