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The Maison de l’amitié has been touching peoples’ lives for 50 years now. With a steadfast mission to build a healthy and dynamic community by promoting the social integration of newcomers, developing employability among those who are disadvantaged or marginalized, and developing a spirit of mutual aid, our services have evolved over the past years to meet the needs of those who come through our doors.

To allow us to continue to offer our services, such as our language classes, at an affordable rate, we are asking you to please consider offering either a one-time or monthly donation.  No amount is too small (or too big!). 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 💛

Stories from our community

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To continue to be an agent of positive change in people's lives, we need the support of our community, we need your support! Your generous donations help us provide opportunities, support and a sense of belonging to many people.


Help us make a difference! Read the stories of our students, volunteers and employees past and present. 


I found out about the Maison de l'amitié through an employability professional who warmly recommended that I give it a try. And so I did! The result: I've now been working as a receptionist here for a few months. The Maison de l'amitié changed my life when I was completely lost. No social network! No job! Poor health! In short, nothing was going right!

La Maison helped me start my life anew. I've found a job I like, I'm taking part in various social activities, I've rebuilt my network of friends, I'm learning new languages and much more! What could be better for one's professional journey than knowing how to speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and more; not to mention the ease of communicating with native speakers in foreign countries! MA does it all!

La Maison has also made it easier for me to get back to work, starting with a few hours a week and gradually increasing them from there. MA has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and gives me the independence I need to develop my autonomy and many aspects of myself at work. Now I'm blossoming day by day, working at my own pace and in a comfortable environment where it's good to live together.

Thank you, la Maison de l’amitié!



I'm from the Bahamas and immigrated to Canada in 2005. Since settling in Montréal in 2014, I have come to find a sense of belonging in such a culturally diverse and vibrant society. My journey of integration within the Montréal community has been a luminous and at times a daunting one. During the first several years, I encountered many obstacles on my quest to find meaningful opportunities for social engagements and community building projects. When I was beginning to lose hope of having any valuable contribution to offer to the community, I learnt about the Maison de l'amitié and of its mission. Initially, I was reluctant to approach the organization to inquire about its services and volunteer program. When I did reach out to the centre I was almost certain that my visual impairment and inability to speak French would hinder any means of acceptance and engagement. 

From 2016 to 2020, the Mason de l'amitié afforded me the opportunity to engage in two fabulous projects: 1. Co-facilitator of English Conversation Classes and 2. Co-animation of a cultural/linguistic and musical initiative. Over the years, these enriching experiences have given me a profound appreciation for collaborative endeavors. Moreover, these engagements have deepened my sense of joy and gratitude for my abilities and how even more valuable they became by contributing to society. My experiences were even more rewarding by the knowledge gained through interactions with immigrants and students. 

Finally, the friendships that have blossomed to this day and the precious memories of my integration journey in Montréal are indeed blessings - thanks to the Maison de l'amitié. Above all, my engagement with this incredible organization has imprinted on my mind the following: It is truly possible to claim a new and unfamiliar place as Home: wherein one is welcomed and valued and made to flourish as every person should be in the community and society at large.


My name is Kateryna Samar and I'm proud to be Ukrainian. I came to Canada as soon as the war in Ukraine began. When I arrived I felt absolutely alone in this foreign country because I had no friends and didn't understand the language, but I intended to stay here and socialize well. I put a lot of effort into integrating into Quebec society. It took time and energy. I was completely lost until I met a member of the Board of Directors who told me about the Maison de l'amitié. It was an unforgettable experience.

I remember my first day at the Maison de l'amitié. I was so afraid of being misunderstood because of my language, but after speaking with Dora-Marie, Associate Director, I was looking forward to my first day. I was warmly welcomed by Fernando's hospitality and kindness. He introduced me to Fléchère, one of the receptionists. Since I worked with her, after a while she became one of my best friends.

Every member of the Maison de l'amitié team is always ready to help and answer all our questions. I'll never forget the way they look after people. Every student is treated with professionalism. I really appreciated the opportunity to take a language class there because the teachers find a unique method for each student. All the teachers are volunteers which is great because it brings the students closer to the teachers.

The Maison de l'amitié is a place where everyone can find a friend according to their interests. I'm grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way. I want to go back and visit because it's a part of my life that will always be in my heart.

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Help us continue making a positive contribution to the personal, professional and community pathways of many people.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts💛

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