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Location de salles

Room rental

La Maison de L`amitié provides a kitchen and five classrooms. 

  • renovated rooms with hardwood floors

  • ideal for celebrating an event or meeting

  • rental on weekends or during spring break 

For more information, contact Lukas


80 people
95m2 - 1023 p2

105$ / block of 3 hours

Salle 14.jpg

Room 14 - ground floor
20 people
45 m2 - 484 p2
40$ / block of 3 hours


Room 23 - 1st floor
20 people
27 m2 - 290 p2
33$ / block of 3 hours


 room 27 - 1st floor
20 people

29 m2 - 312 p2
39$ / block of 3 hours


 room 24 - 1st floor
10 people

18 m2 - 194 p2
31$ / block of 3 hours


access through first floors or basement 
64$ / block of 3 hours



La Maison de l'amitié  houses a student residence with about ten rooms.

  • The rooms are furnished and have all the amenities.

  • During the school year, the rooms are reserved for students.

  • During the summer, they are open to the general public, for short or medium term stays.


For more information, visit the residence website or contact Marianne.

distribution alimentaire

Food distribution

The Maison de l'amitié contributes to food security services by
offering free food storage and distribution space.

Partage & Solidarité

Partage & Solidarité fights against food waste by collecting unsold items from shopkeepers and distributing them free of charge and  without justification.

Food distribution of Partage & Solidarité, at the Maison de l'amitié: Saturday from 2 to 3 pm.

To receive a food aid basket, make an appointment by clicking here

Partage et solidarité.jpg

     Racine Croisée

Racine Croisée contributes to the fight against food insecurity by distributing grocery baskets. A basket can feed a family for several days.

After having been present at the Maison de l'amitié for many years, in early 2023 Racine Croisée moved to: 4526 Parc Avenue Montreal H2V 4E3 

The food distribution takes place at 4526 Avenue Parc, on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm.

For more information and to register, please click here

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