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General Assembly of Associates 2022 - 2023

The preparatory meeting for the 50th anniversary of the House of Friendship went as follows.

In the presence of about thirty members, volunteers, employees, management and the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting was held on May 25 and resulted in the election of a new Board of Directors. We would like to acknowledge the important contribution of Carly Breger as President and Verity Thompson as Secretary, both of whom did not seek re-election. All other members stood for re-election: James Bugden, Malcom Balk, Louise Brunet, Yeona Jang, Anastasia Glushko and Dionne Codring. Board positions will be defined shortly.

During this general meeting, we had the opportunity to present the annual and financial reports to the members, creating a good democratic spirit where everyone was able to get their questions answered about the work we do, receive feedback on the actions we have implemented, and discuss some of the activities we will be offering for the next period to maintain our commitment to community empowerment.

We're about to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and we have so much to do!

We're happy to promote democracy within our organization and follow our philosophy of support, peace and mutual aid. That's why communication is so important when we work together: our aim is to promote social integration.

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