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Registration details –
 French and English classes 


Notice about availability for new students:

Please note that we have seen an increase in demand for our classes lately, and as our space is limited we are not able to guarantee a place to everyone on their first time pre-registering.


After completing the first 2 steps of our process, it is necessary to wait for an invitation to a registration appointment.

At this appointment, some will get a place directly in a class, but others will find themselves on a waiting list if the class they want is already full.  Being on the waiting list gives you priority access to a class when you register for the next session (i.e. two months later).

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer everyone an appointment, so some people will have to try again when they pre-register for the next session, with a better chance of getting an appointment the second time.  This would add two more months before getting the chance to either register to a clas, or to get on the priority waiting list for the next session after that (another two months later).


We cannot put everyone directly on the waiting list for a class when they first pre-register, as the list would become too long and lose its meaning.


See the details at the bottom of this page for our process.

Who has priority?
Each new session we give registration priority in the following order:
  1. Students who were registered in the last session and are continuing to the next level

  2. Those who were on the waiting list last session
  3. Former students who want to continue but were no
t registered in the lower level last session 
  4. New students have access to the remaining spots.


Typically there will be space for new students in almost every course – even though this group is only given 4th priority – but the overall demand can easily exceed the number of available spaces, especially in the most popular time slots (particularly the evening classes for levels 1, 2 and 3).

Details for in-person classes

  • Maximum number of students varies depending on classroom capacity

  • 3-hour classes, with at least one break

  • Student manual is included and will be provided during the first class

Details for online classes

  • 12-15 students maximum per class

  • 2.5-hour classes, with at least one break

  • Use of the Zoom platform - all the information you need to get started will be communicated to you

Technical requirements for using Zoom

  • The use of a computer/laptop is strongly recommended. If you don't have one, you can use a tablet or cell phone, but this is not recommended as these can present technical challenges.

  • You will need a high-speed internet connection, a camera and a microphone (if you use a laptop, the camera and microphone are normally integrated).

  • You must have a web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended). Avoid using Internet Explorer.

Anchor 1
For the session beginning September 16, 2024 :

 FRENCH or ENGLISH classes
For the session beginning January 16, 2023 :

Registration for the French and English classes will open on February 28th. The next session will start on March 14th.


If you have already taken a course at the House of Friendship in the same league that you want to study now :

If you've been on a waiting list in the last 12 months :

If you are a new student at the Maison de l'amitié for the language you want to study

If you have already taken a course at the Maison de l'amitié in the same language* that you want to study now :

NOTE: normally "on the waiting list" means that you were invited to a registration appointment last session (or the one before) and that we communicated directly with you about "priority waiting list" status during the appointment. If this is not the case, and you have only completed a pre-registration form with no follow-up, you will have to go through the "New Students" process again this time.

If you've been on the priority waiting list in the last 4 months:

1. Fill out an online pre-registration form starting Monday, September 2nd.

We will process your application within  the week that follows.

It is strongly recommended that you fill out the form before Septembre 4th to keep your priority as a former student.

It may still be possible to register after this date, but space will become more limited.

2. After validation, we will send you a link for making the online payment.

   Please make your payment by September 10th to hold your spot.

3. You will receive the final confirmation and all details about your course by email in the days that follow.

Please note: it is recommended that you complete the registration process using a PC or laptop; sometimes there are problems with the mobile version of the site.

Pre-register now

Come back here to pre-register starting Septembre 2nd!

*NOTE: If you wish to change your language of study (and have not yet taken one of our courses in the other language), you will need to follow the process for "New Students".

Come back here to pre-register starting April 25.

The form should be available around 4:30pm today.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: Pre-registration is now closed for new students, for French and English courses that start in March.

EXCEPTIONS:  It may still be possible to register in the following classes ONLY 

  • French level 4 (intermediate-advanced) -- AFTERNOONS  1:30 - 4:30pm (in person)

  • French level 4 (intermediate-advanced) - - EVENING          6:00- 8:30 pm (online)

  • English level 4 (intermediate-advanced) -- MORNINGS  9:00 - 12:00pm  (in person)

  • English level 4 (intermediate-advanced) - - EVENING      6:00 - 8:30pm (online)


  • Conversation classes (1 hour) - French and English, all levels

If one of these options could suit you, please contact us directly by e-mail ( or visit us in person at reception.

FOR ALL OTHER CLASSES -- Please see below for details on how to pre-register for the next session which starts July 2nd, 2024.


If you are a new student at the Maison de l'amitié for the language you want to study :

1. Take the online written placement test - if you haven't already done so within the last 4 months. This test is your entry point into our system, so all new students must take this test – beginners included – before proceeding to the next steps.

— The test will be available here starting July 8th — 

A link to the test is provided at the end of this page.

2. Fill out an online pre-registration form to confirm your interest for the September session. This form will be available starting Monday, August 26th.   It is advisable to have already taken the placement test (first step) before this date, if possible, and not to wait.


3. We will invite a certain number of people to a registration appointment, either in person at the Maison de l'amitié or online on Zoom, whichever you prefer.  These appointments will take place starting September 4th (and into the following week), during fixed time slots.
Invitations will be sent out between
August 29th and September 6th.

The number of appointments we can give out is limited for each level. Priority will be determined according to the date we receive your placement test (first step). 
If we cannot offer you an appointment, you will have to retry the next session (November session), again as a *New Student* (not on the waiting list).  We will keep your placement test on file, so you won't have to retake it.

Please note: it is recommended that you complete the registration process using a PC or laptop; sometimes there are problems with the mobile version of the site.

4. During the appointment, we will determine if there is space to register you directly in the schedule of your choice, or put you on a waiting list.  We can't guarantee your place in advance, as some groups have priority registration (see above in this page), and we don't know in advance how many of these students will choose the same schedule.


If there is space in the schedule that suits you: we will ask you to pay during the same meeting (by credit card online, or with card or cash in person). You will then receive all the information concerning your course by e-mail.


If there is no space in the schedule that suits you, you will be placed on the waiting list and will benefit from priority registration for the next session (November session), with a simpler registration process.

Step 1 :

Already done the placement test ?

Step 2 : fill in the pre-registration form


Come back HER starting July 8th  to take the placement test!

Come back towards the end of August to pre-register for our courses! 


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